BDSM Sex Ideas

Bdsm sex is something that Is suppose to be done so that sexual partners may enjoy the sex they have more it is also a way for people to live out their fantasy. There are different types of bdsm ideas that one can implement and try in their bedroom, after tying out the different ideas the one that suits them best is the ones that they can stick to, even though they may choose to mix it up every now and again, bdsm means kinky sex as such each or at least one of the partners have to be kinky for the sex like that to take place, one of the most common and exciting form of bdsm sex idea is to cuff and blind fold while teasing which one can get from sex toys online in Australia, the women is usually the partner that does the cuffing and the blindfold of the men they then proceed to tease the man, the do so most time by giving them a nice lap dance and then when they get erected the female proceed to move away from the man, making him want her more, another way of teasing the man is by blind folding him and then remove the blind fold for him to get a little preview, this will build up the excitement and make him want the sex more, but cannot get it as he will be cuffed o the bed.
Another idea for bdsm sex is to use ice and whip cream in the bed room, when ice is placed on the body it produces a rush that makes the man feel that he needs the female right away the ice can be placed on the males body and then the female use her lips to rub the ice all over the body for the man to feel that thrilling sensation in the body, or the ice could be placed in the female’s mouth and then she kiss the male all over his body with that iced cold lip mouth. With the whip cream it is placed on the sensitive ares of the body and then it is licked off of the body by the female very seductively. There are card games that can be played in the bed room for those people who like to have bdsm sex, one example of such card game is where there is a card filled with instructions, these instruction will result in the partners doing something bad to the other party as a way of punishment, this is sexual punishment that each of the persons involved in the sex act will find quite fascinating and result in the arousal of each person, when people get extra excited the sex seems to be enjoyed more. 
A very common idea of BDSM gear in Australia is for there to be spanking in the role playing scenarios each time a person misbehave he/she will be punished by getting whipped when they get whipped they will promise not to do it again in a very seductive voice this will help in the foreplay are of sex.